Saturday, 31 March 2012

What to look before buying a security camera

Security cameras are video cameras that transfer signals to specific set of monitors. The signals are not openly transmitted like broad band television. The basic use of a security camera (Sicherheitskameras in German) is to keep a tab on things. With the crime rate rising, safety is the utmost concern for any individual. A security camera plays an important role in deterring crime to an extent.

There are a few things one should keep in mind before purchasing a security gadget.
1. Contemplate your requirements.
It is important to buy a security camera according to the place and the duration of surveillance required. There are different types of cameras available for commercial and domestic premises.
2. Resolution of the camera
It also depends on the location where you want to install the camera. A 500 TV line camera has the best resolution.
3. Technology
There are two types of technology used in such cameras. A charge couple device (CCD) is a better one than CMOS which is used in small and inexpensive cameras.
4. Lens
Monofocal lens has a fixed local length where as varifocal lens can alter focal length as and when needed.
5. Battery backup
It is vital to consider about the backup option in case of interruptible power supply.
6. Outdoor camera
 If you plan to install your cameras outside it is better to opt for wireless cameras as they are weather resistant and work well even at night.
7. Sound
 It is necessary to check the camera as to if it generates sounds or not.
8 Price factor
With the increasing awareness and technology in security cameras, they are easily available in markets or at detective agencies (Detektivbüro in German) at affordable prices.

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